Enchanting pop song Michelle Leclercq - Wherever You Go (Feat. Analisa Corral)

Michelle Leclercq released her pop song "Wherever You Go" on March 22nd. Analisa Corral releases the feature on this radio track. Born in Argentina, she is still one of the newcomers to the music industry. "Wherever You Go" is only her fourth release. Nevertheless, she can already look forward to some successes. We liked the newest single of the musician so much that we would like to present the track at this point. But first let's take a look at the artist herself.

Wherever You Go (feat. Analisa Corral)

Michelle Leclercq was born in Argentina, but now lives in Los Angeles. The singer, songwriter and producer always has her Latin American vibe included in her songs. In 2018 she released her debut single "The Mission", which got good reviews right away. The track was then released in Spanish. With "Present Past Future" the musical journey of Michelle Leclercq continued. The two-time Latin Grammy award winner Raniero Palm became aware of her. Michelle has been playing the violin since she was 6 years old. She later taught herself piano and guitar. First appearances in California, Argentina, Paraguay and Australia followed. Followers say that she is a musical genius. Now "Wherever You Go" has been released.

The track starts with a small intro before the vocals begin. The first stanza is accompanied by gentle synth sounds. A beat sets in, evolving slowly over time and peaking just before the chorus. The Moombahton groove is a great, summery and hit-suspicious atmosphere. It succeeds "Wherever You Go" not to become cocky. The song is always cool and relaxed. It's fun, it's fun. The feature vocals of the US-American singer Analisa Corral fit perfectly into the production. The C-part of Michelle Leclercq's latest single surprises with Spanish lyrics. From top to bottom an extremely strong pop song!

Conclusion: "Wherever You Go" is a potential summer hit . The catchy track convinces with excellent vocals and a topline that goes straight to your ear. The sound is fresh and cool. That's how Pop goes in 2019!

Michelle Leclercq