Michelle's Release Tour Announced

The 23 year old emerging pop artist announced last week through social media that she will be venturing on an international tour. 

Starting in California and continuing towards Asunción Paraguay, Buenos Aires Argentina, Sydney and Adelaide in Australia, Michelle's tour will not only include live performances but will also feature interviews, new releases, collaborations and more.

"I'm really exited to be going on tour. I have to admit that I'm quite scared to leave my comfort zone, in California I've always had my band backing me. On the road I will have to teach my songs to new musicians and in some other cases I will have to play alone" 

Michelle also noted that on her upcoming tour she will be performing playing mostly guitar. 

"I'm very lucky to be working with the Gibson Team. Without their help I wouldn't be able to carry out this project the way I'm doing it" 

Michelle then told us that Gibson is loaning her instruments and gear.  It seems like her debut tour will be as successful as her first release ! 

Michelle Leclercq